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Wer sind die Flying Tin Cans? Wir sind eine Gruppe von Luftkampf- Enthusiasten die sich mit der Nachstellung von Luftkämpfen im 2. Weltkrieg befasst. Dafür erstellen wir qualitativ hochwertige Kampagnen, die sich, soweit nachverfolgbar, an allen historischen Fakten orientieren. Falls wir dein Interesse geweckt haben sollten, sieh dich gerne weiter um!

Channel Front 1942 Campaign – Intro

Pilots! As you know our next adventure will lead us back toward the Western Front. Channel Front 1942 Campaign will focus on RAF cross-Channel effort waged against the Luftwaffe forces based in France. With the start of war against Soviet Union most Luftwaffe units left France to fight on the Eastern Front leaving battle-hardened JG2 and JG26 to hold out against the British. Driven by political and military rationale senior RAF command decided to continue the “leaning forward” campaign in France despite questionable success and mounting pilot losses in 1941. Luftwaffe in turn institutionalized the fighter-bomber efforts after on and off trials in 1940 and 1941 by establishing dedicated JABO Staffeln within both France-based Jagdgeschwader. This enabled the Germans to launch a series of nuisance raids across Southern England coast starting March 1942 to great irritation of RAF. Both sides in parallel were awaiting what impact the Americans will have on the air war in Europe as first aircrews of the USAAF’s Eighth Air Force started arriving in Britain in May 1942. Our campaign will start with the resumption of circus sorties by RAF and Luftwaffe JABO attacks against Southern England as weather improved in spring 1942 and continue up until Operation Jubilee in August 1942 covering the final major chapter of daylight RAF / Luftwaffe strife in Western Europe before large scale involvement of USAAF heavy bombers

Act 1 – “Plane for Plane”

will primarily cover the period April – May 1942 with Luftwaffe starting the fighter-bomber campaign against Southern England and RAF increasing pace of Circus and other similar operations cross-Channel to force the Luftwaffe to a fight. Luftwaffe will be focused on JG2 operations with Bf-109 F4s, JABO attacks using bomb-laden 109s and some occasional secondary sorties with Fw-190 representing JG26. RAF will cover various squadrons equipped with Spitfire Vb providing cover for A20 bombers and bombs-equipped Hurricanes operating over France.

Act 2 – “Focke-Wulfs Summer

will jump forward toward July – August 1942 with Luftwaffe fighter units in France concluding their conversion to Fw-190 and our focus shifting to JG26 for fighter operations. JABOs will be equipped with Fw-190s and Bf-109 G-2 “Höhen Staffel” make and appearance. RAF will start re-equipment with new Spitfire IX to face the Wurger on more equal terms. RAF will also undertake a change it tactics in an attempt to improve the success of operations. Here we would aim to cover as best as possible the variety of operation types undertaken by RAF including, but not limited, to Roadsteads, Rhubarbs, Rodeos, Ramrods, Circus etc.Image

Act 3 – “Jubilee”

will cover the historically prominent raid on Dieppe and intense areal combat over the course of 19. August 1942 including preceding preparatory action and immediate aftermath. RAF will see an introduction of new plane types while Luftwaffe will be challenged to re-gain control over the air over Dieppe.Image

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