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Presenting the Flying Tin Cans: We are a passionate WWII air-war reenactment group. We research, design and experience historical campaigns of exceptional quality. Join us to commence your WWII aviation career!

Welcome to the “Flying Tin Cans”!

Who are we?

Simply put, we like planes.

In more than five words, we are a group of like-minded individuals, who come together to take part in a virtual flying experience in the IL-2 Sturmovik series of WW2 combat flight simulators. Our campaign takes place every Sunday and is created by dedicated and knowledgeable individuals, with the following core tenets in mind.

Core Ideas

The “Flying Tin Cans” campaign,

a) is Multiplayer and Player-vs-Player. Virtual pilots from all around the world take part in our campaign. Pilots form 9 Squadrons of about 12 to 14 pilots each, that make up both the Allied and Axis sides in the campaign.

b) is Bilingual. The main languages of operation in the “Flying Tin Cans” are English and German.

c) is Hand-Crafted. Each mission in our campaign is hand-crafted by a team of dedicated researchers, mission designers and mission builders, who take the day to day operations of a historical theatre, and bring them to life in the game, for our pilots to enjoy.

And most importantly, the “Flying Tin Cans” campaign

d) is focused on Historical Accuracy. The aim of the campaign is to provide an immersive experience, reflecting the elements that defined and shaped actual events, whereby players may gain an insight into the battle being fought and a glimpse of what it was like for the participants. It is not competitive and while the campaign follows its historical course, the outcomes of individual missions are decided by the players’ actions within the framework of the historical setting.

Squadrons in the “Flying Tin Cans” are also multi-role, giving people a great variety of things to try out! We have a dedicated medium bomber squadron, the Raiders, as well as a number of ground attack units, aside from the traditional fighter jockeys!

More information about the features of our campaign, and what to expect if you choose to become a member, can be found on the Features page.

Does this sound interesting?

If it does, why not come by on a Sunday and try out our campaign? We welcome all virtual pilots to come and give it a go!

Check out our Joining page for more information about getting involved!

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