Flying Tin Cans

Presenting the Flying Tin Cans: We are a passionate WWII air-war reenactment group. We research, design and experience historical campaigns of exceptional quality. Join us to commence your WWII aviation career!

Interested in joining?

We’re glad you’re interested in joining us!

The process is pretty straightforward, there’s no extensive joining procedure, mandatory training or assessment period. You simply post on our forums, and we give you all the information you need!

Our campaign takes place every Sunday, at about 1900 UTC and lasts for around 3 hours.

So make a profile on our forums and post in our welcome forum here!

What happens now?

After you’ve posted on the forums, we will be in contact with you so you can join us on Discord and on Teamspeak, which is mainly used for our campaign.

There are a few things you will need before being able to join the campaign, and those are outlined for you in the Documentation part of our Pilot and Mission Database (PAM). There will always be someone to guide you through these details of course.

Once that is done, the only thing left is to join in the fun!

How to prepare?

To prepare for flying with us in campaign, it is recommended you join us on Thursdays at 1900 UTC or later, for our squadron trainings. That way we can assess what you need for the campaign!

It is also recommended that you read through the Documentation section of our Pilot & Mission Database, in order to get the necessary software set up on your system, before joining the campaign.

This can be found here.

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