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Presenting the Flying Tin Cans: We are a passionate WWII air-war reenactment group. We research, design and experience historical campaigns of exceptional quality. Join us to commence your WWII aviation career!

FTC members about our campaign

We collected some feedback from our guys and this was the result:

  • Thoroughly enjoying my time in FTC since joining last year. Big thank you to all who put in the time and effort to make this possible!
  • – I got to fly for my first time on Sunday and it was exciting and fun to feel like the new guy all over again. It was also really fun to see everyone flying in squadrons and working as a team with a mission purpose. Giving the game I almost movie like quality thank you so much it was a great breath of fresh air to a game I have loved for close to 20 years.
  • Our campaigns are still the most awesome stuff ever! Keep it up!
  • I recently joined FTC and participated in four Campaign Sundays so far. It’s an amazing experience, i enjoyed it a lot. You guys are doing a great job, keep up the good work.
  • I really enjoy these campaigns and I hope this group never dies!
  • Thanks Dadnar, I had a great time. FTC is the experience I have been wanting to do forever in IL2. I will be back! Where do you fill out the AAR’s?
  • It’s so intense. Fear and excitement.
  • It was amazing. I felt like I was in a movie lol. I also enjoyed the new experience. I enjoyed the squad flying and teamwork. I did feel like a “new Player” something I can’t say very often.
  • The experience during the first mission was mind blowing.
  • Well that was friggin awesome omg! Im gonna live on this for the rest of the week, until next sunday. This beats like everything really
  • Thanks for all the time and effort you guys put into making this campaign, enjoyed it a lot. Keep up the good work!
  • As a fairly new pilot in FTC and the IL-2 community I concur with the statement above. Some of the best “gaming-experiences” I’ve had so far.

Thanks to Dadnar for collecting these!
Interested? Join us!

See you soon in the skies brought to you by FTC 😉

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