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Wer sind die Flying Tin Cans? Wir sind eine Gruppe von Luftkampf- Enthusiasten die sich mit der Nachstellung von Luftkämpfen im 2. Weltkrieg befasst. Dafür erstellen wir qualitativ hochwertige Kampagnen, die sich, soweit nachverfolgbar, an allen historischen Fakten orientieren. Falls wir dein Interesse geweckt haben sollten, sieh dich gerne weiter um!

Campaign Postponed

Dear all,

As you may have probably gathered, the mission this coming Sunday has also been cancelled.

We do however want to resume our Campaign at some point, as it is really what we are here to do, and we are sure many would like to get back to it as a weekly staple of our hobby.

However we know that the on-going war in Ukraine has hit a little too close to home for many, with some of us having friends or family in the thick of it over the last few weeks. Our own Rostic has had his home and country come under a vicious and unprovoked attack by Russia.

Given these facts, we believe it is not in the spirit of what we do here at the “Flying Tin Cans” to continue playing our weekly war simulation game, as if nothing has happened, or at least without doing anything about it. Whereas we are not a political organization, not taking sides in this situation is basically taking sides.

We hope everyone will join us in condemning the actions of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, and wish everyone involved in the war the best of luck. Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine, who have shown a resolute and steadfast spirit during this attack on their freedom.

Given all this, we would like to somehow help out in our own meager way with the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

We are therefore pledging to donate all donations to FTC to the Emergency Help for Ukraine of the German Red Cross, starting today and going on for the next 3 weeks. So please if you can, help us help Ukraine!


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