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Wer sind die Flying Tin Cans? Wir sind eine Gruppe von Luftkampf- Enthusiasten die sich mit der Nachstellung von Luftkämpfen im 2. Weltkrieg befasst. Dafür erstellen wir qualitativ hochwertige Kampagnen, die sich, soweit nachverfolgbar, an allen historischen Fakten orientieren. Falls wir dein Interesse geweckt haben sollten, sieh dich gerne weiter um!

Ardennes Offensive

What is it?
Why, it’s a Campaign set around the German Ardennes offensive from 16th-31th December 1944. It will consist of 12 missions, split between two 6 mission cycles;

– Act 1: “Herbstnebel

– Act 2: “The Bulge

What is the focus of the Air War?
Ah, good that you asked. We will be switching the focus to that of the Americans and Germans. You see, the 9th USAAF was active in this period both in air sorties and in the air-to-ground war.

What planes are involved?
I see you keep coming up with the right questions!
For the Allies, you’ll see P-47s, P-38s, Typhoons, A20s and there will also be P-51s, since they’ve now moved to the Continent in support.

For secondary sorties, you can expect to also see Spitfires, Tempests and by jove, even Mosquitoes!

From the Axis side, you’ll see familiar aircraft such as Fw 190 A-8s, Fw 190 D-9s and Bf 109 K-4s.

For secondary sorties, you can expect to also see Me-262s and Arados!

What else can you tell me?
More good questions, you’re quite the fella who could have worked for the Intelligence Service.

8th USAAF has been moved to the Continent to support the hard-pressed American forces later in December. 2nd Tactical Air Force will also have a fair share of action, as it has been allocated to support the Americans on the Northern part of the front.

The Luftwaffe will operate from the bases closer to the frontlines, as final German aircraft reserves have been concentrated in support of this operation amidst between being squandered during futile attacks against Allied airfields during Bodenplatte.

Can I fly within these missions even if I’m not a member?
Of course you can! Do you think either side turns down new pilots due to lack of hours or being a new boy? Not at all, we need all the men and materiale we can get. The Allies are pressing and the Axis are feeling the pressure and fighting back hard.

Both sides need more support and you’ll be thrown into the thick of it, fighting at the front with an active Squadron.

Just drop a note in the Welcome section to introduce yourself at FTC Welcome Forum.

What are you waiting for? There are Squadrons here on both sides that need your help and this war won’t fight itself you know!

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